Saturday, June 16, 2018

Final Pics from Chitty

It's a wrap for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang produced by Elevate Productions. The closing show tonight was particularly fun. Everything went well, energy was high, and the audience was very much engaged and having a blast. Here's a bunch of miscellaneous final pics...

Not far from the theatre is an Amy's Donuts. You gotta check 'em out!

Chitty moved via three ropes that the
stage crew pulled from the wings. Tracy
was one of the Chitty movers. It's harder
than it looks.

Chitty was supported by 16 casters, a set of four near each
wheel. The actual tires do not touch the ground (though
they do turn for effect). A set of three ropes is used to
manipulate the car about stage, one attached center on the
front axle and one attached near each rear wheel. Chitty
(and the hair cutting machine) were rented from the
Candlelight Dinner Playhouse in Johnstown, CO. The
car empty weighs about 600 pounds.

Tracy and Fina with old Chitty.
Fina's in her English Crowd and Fun Fair costume.
If you can't see Tracy, it's because she's in black.

Susan (Fina), Jemima (Grace), and Jeremy (Kaleb).

Fina and Grace. Among the many wonderful new theatre friends we made
doing Chitty, the Davis family was even more involved as a family than
we were. Mom and son trained and "crewed" for Edison, Dad played
Caractacus, and daughter played Jemima. That's five family members!

Fina as a Hidden Child (in the sewer beneath the Vulgarian castle).

The "imperial beard" is about to disappear.

Cast photo by A Better Image Photography.

The Davis family gave each cast member a little opening night gift. Papa's was
a mason jar with candy and some dog biscuits from Edison (Scubby Do
graham crackers). The jar now sits on one of our theatre shelves with: Music
Man (Fina played Amaryllis and Jamie played Mayor Shinn), Nightmare Before
Christmas (Fina played the Clown with the Tear-Away Face, and Tracy and
Jamie crewed), The Arsonists (Jamie and Lynn were Chorus), and Olaf
is there because Jamie once sang "In Summer" for an audition.

Lynn and Tracy built the ticket booth (left) and circus tent (right).

Grandpa Potts and Edison (real name, Pickles).

Potts family with Chitty (photo by A Better Image Photography).

Grow the Roses of Success (photo by Kayla Coburn).

And away it goes...

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