Saturday, June 23, 2018

Jing and Aunt Vickie

We picked up Aunt Vickie at the airport tonight and stopped at Jing Restaurant on the way home. Something of a shot in the dark based on a website supposedly listing the 12 most unique restaurants in Denver. Well, Jing's turned out to be fantastic. We might have to try some of the others...

Unique decor.

That's water running down behind the bar (which is in the other room). It's
actually running "outside," between the two rooms.

Kobe on the Rock. Dip and cook (quickly) on the very hot rock.

Bone-In Filet (Jamie).

Miso Seabass (Lynn). THE BEST. On a huge menu, it's been the most popular
dish for over ten years. It is fantastic.

Colorado Lamb Chops (Vickie).

Bathroom door when locked.

Bathroom door when unlocked. Very cool. Nitrogen is involved.

We forget what it's called, but CHOCOLATE.

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