Wednesday, July 25, 2018

"Breck" Distillery and Peak 8

This was the day for visiting Breckenridge Distillery and Peak 8. We did a tour and tasting at the distillery first thing (11am when they open). Fun, though short, tour and tasting which we upgraded (thankfully) to cover just about every libation they offer. Pretty good stuff. The Aquavit caraway hit was the stand-out taste, but the rest were darn good, too (brought a few bottles home). We made reservations for dinner at their restaurant (notable chef) and headed off to town for the gondola ride up to Peak 8. Lots of fun-looking stuff up there, but we chose to chill at the bar a while and watch all the action. Then back to the Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant for dinner. Wow! All the photos are here.

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