Thursday, July 26, 2018

McCullough Gulch, Colorado Southern, Washington Gold Mine

The entire gang headed to McCullough Gulch Trailhead first thing in the morning. We were correctly warned that parking there got highly impacted as the day goes on, so it was good we got there by 8:30am. We stumbled onto a trail bridge construction project being done by Air Force Academy students. On a 2-year cycle, the Junior class designs and then as the Senior class constructs a project somewhere. And this was construction year for this project. Guess what factor drove the design for the carrying weight of the bridge? Snow! At about 148 pounds per square inch. It's width was designed for emergency UTVs. We all made it to the first shack along the trail, but at that point Rob, Lynn, and Jamie turned around. They'll see Eric's and Alex's pictures later for the rest of that hike. On the way back, the former three stopped at the High Line Railroad Park in Breck, got a little rest at home, visited the Washington Gold and Silver Mine, and finally stopped at a vista point on the way home for the last time. All the photos are here.

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