Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Bomb Cyclone

How about an "Albuquerque Low" (a storm which tracks from the southwest). Bomb cyclone sounds worse. Both terms have been used for today's storm. Both terms we've heard for the first time leading up to and during today's blizzard. It's been a long time since Nana and Papa have seen a white out - where it appears you're driving/walking blindly into a wall of whiteness. And they say just five or ten miles to the south of us it's pretty mild. This has been going on since 9am this morning (it's 2pm now). By far the most powerful snow storm we've experienced in Colorado. I've coined the term "snow plaster," where the snow is wind-blown against anything (glass, walls, doors, whatever) and coats the surface. #snowmageddon

Tracy: "Aftermath of the Cyclone Bomb.
Still waiting for tow trucks and plows to remove.
Road closed until further notice.
#pileuponi25 #kidsdidntlistentoweatherman #crashed "

Love how drifts are sculpted.
And this patio is covered.

This patio is covered, too.

See how the snow is encasing the bulbs?!

Nana (and Matt) really want the mail.

Pretty close to white out.

Warmer days at Till (there is hope)

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