Friday, March 8, 2019

Dr. Quinn Medicine Women

I found a batch of photos today from 1997 when Tracy spent her 9th grade year on the set of the TV show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman being the nanny to the triplets playing Dr. Quinn's baby. The set was on Paramount Ranch just off Highway 101 not far from Thousand Oaks, CA. What caught my eye going through the pics was the one with "Colorado Springs" on the sign. I had no recollection of the setting. And now we're here/there! Too bad there wasn't a shot of the locomotive in the batch I found.

While we were there, we actually got to watch them film a couple scenes. One was outside in the town's main street where there were all kinds of townspeople milling about, horses and carriages ambling by, etc. I don't how many times they reset everyone, horses and all, and took the shot again. The other scene we watched was in a bedroom in a house. Very tiny room, and we were back in the corner watching all kinds of tech people, equipment, and the actors doing a scene not 3 feet from us. Action!

Tracy did end up on screen one time as an extra in a town barn dance scene. I remember watching that episode very intently, and sure enough, there she was!

Tracy and Papa Bill at the depot

Tracy and her Dad.

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