Saturday, April 20, 2019

Holy Saturday, Batman

Turned out to be a very busy day... First up was AJ's baseball game, followed by Matteo's baseball game (at the other end of town, of course). (There was no fence-free camera angle for Matteo's game.) Then Easter eggs at the Krebs', followed by taking photos at Woodmen Heights Saturday evening Easter service.

The boys play at three different fields that have trains right next door!
In this case, the field was between the southbound tracks (pictured top center)
and the northbound tracks (pictured below) at Larkspur.
At least six trains went by during the game.
Larkspur is about 20 minutes north of us along I-25.

Southbound BNSF along magenta, northbound along yellow.
At the other two fields, the tracks are much closer to the field, but only one track.


The requisite "good game" high fives! AJ is #3.

How's that for a carved tire!

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