Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Piano Guys

Papa, Nana, and Sam grabbed Matteo a little early from school today and headed for Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison (just west of Denver) to see The Piano Guys. What a venue! What a show! But first, we stopped at The Fort for dinner. Robob took Lynn and I and Trevor and Tracy there over 30 years ago. Rattlesnake was still on the menu back then; tastes just like chicken. It's been a couple years since they've had rattlesnake; hard to keep a steady supply for how much they need if it's on the menu, per our waiter. This may have been where Robob developed his love of peanut butter jalapenos. Anyway, great dinner. Our plates included bison, elk, quail, and a lamb t-bone (new to me, very good). Got the cookbook. Then on to Red Rock. We were just as thrilled as two years ago when we were here with Matteo for the Piano Guys. At one point, Steve (cellist) gave a shout out to all the kids learning instruments. Matteo raised his hand and we cheered him on! Unfortunately, tonight they chased us out at intermission for a severe weather alert, advised us to seek shelter in our cars. Figuring at least an hour delay, we headed home (was a school night, after all), listening to Piano Guys all the way, of course, including their new album, Limitless.

The Fort

Peanut butter-stuffed jalapenos.

Red Rocks entrance ramp from the South Lot. (It's not really that steep.)

Tried to get some lightning in the shot; no luck.

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