Monday, August 19, 2019

The Tempest

We closed last night. What a fabulous experience. To a one, fantastically great people to work with. Helped me have a super first-time experience with Shakespeare. As Tracy said, everything was on point. Everyone in blacks with costume "hints" worked exceptionally well; never any question as to who is who. Lighting, sound, convincing set though extremely minimal. She said she needed dramamine for the opening scene, the tempest itself; the coordinated movement of the people gave an all-too-real feeling of extreme ship motion. And the little bit of audience immersion genuinely sucked them in for the whole show. Wonderfully reactive audiences. And Ariel (the puppet), eerie, mystical, very cool. And all original music (that I got to play, too).

The Tempest
Counterweight Theatre Lab
Directed by Megan Michelle
August 9-18, 2019

Front: Roxanne, Shelby, Mikala, Megan.
Back: Madalyn, Delaney, Dalton, Joe, Ethan, Jo-Jo, Jamie, Jeremiah.

That's me (King Alonso) sitting center (light blue) during an early rehearsal.

Director, Megan Michelle

Stephano, Ethan Everhart

Musicians (and several other roles): Roxanne Rankin and Jeremiah Walter
Miranda, Shelby Evanoika

Caliban, Jo-Jo Hurford-Reynolds

Ariel, played by several actors

Ferdinand, Jo-Jo

Delaney Watson, Joe O'Rear, and Madalyn Rilling

The Harpy


Prospero, Madalyn Rilling

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