Friday, September 20, 2019

DCC Homecoming: Thunder wins 35-21

It was an all-play outing to the Homecoming Game (except for Matt who was in Brazil). Fina blew past us once or twice, but spent most of her time yelling and screaming in the student section. Yelling about what we don't know as she said she didn't really ever watch the game. Over in our world we were having a blast. Particularly the twins, and particularly Jonny. He practically belly-laughed his way through the entire game. Never really knew what tickled him so. It was very hard to get a picture of him as he was moving so much. Turned out to be a little chillier than we thought, so some of the kids got some new Thunder-Wear.

I doubt he could even tell you he was at a football game. But he did
notice the cheerleaders and wanted his picture taken with them.

The high school choir sang the national anthem.

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