Saturday, September 21, 2019

Pikes Peak Air Show

I took the three older boys to the Pikes Peak Air Show today. AJ was worried he'd be bored. He wasn't! Really a fabulous airshow. We were all chatting very excitedly on the way back to the car after 4 hours on concrete in the full sun having a great time. All of the performance shows were great, but by far the best was the F-22 demo. I've not seen fighters do some of that stuff before. And it was not shy about flying close, overhead, from behind, whatever. And the best part of the F-22 show was when a P-38 joined it for a heritage flight. The two flew in formation for several minutes, buzzing the crowd (thousands of people) which was whoopin' and hollerin'. The minute AJ got in anything he began running scenarios, dialogue and all. Sam took a couple of these pics.

AJ busts out with, "Look! Chiari!"

F-22 and P-38

Under the B-17


F-7 Tigercat


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