Sunday, February 9, 2020

Check, Please

The DCC Theatre's winter production of "Check, Please" closed last night. And that marks Fina's 40th production! This one was unique, though, in a very significant way - she was an understudy for the female lead. I've come to learn (thank you, Zach, for sharing some of your stories) that being an understudy is a very tough job, and quite thankless. In the big leagues, you mostly get to sit in the seats and take notes of all the blocking, characterizations, etc. and practically without rehearsal be ready to go on at a moment's notice. As a lead! I can't even imagine. So, Fina got a taste of it here. She did get some rehearsal time, and even a show (the Saturday matinee was for the understudies), so it wasn't quite as merciless as the big leagues, but she got a taste. By the way, it was a great show. Excellent script, very well performed.

Fina with her overstudy counterpart, Megan.

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