Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday Stuff

I drive carpool to School in the Woods and back on Fridays. And on half of those Fridays, I stay the morning to volunteer with Library Time. AJ often asks his teacher if I can read for the storytime portion, and she usually lets me. Brings back all kinds of teaching memories. Just this morning AJ chose the mineral he wanted in his pine needle basket in our rock collection display. It's a piece of labradorite. Then that evening, four of us headed to Ivywild School (repurposed into shops, eateries, and a little theater) for what turned out to be a great improv night, The Chicago Bring Backs. On the way we ate at Colorado Mountain Brewery located in an old railroad roundhouse. Imagine my surprise!

Library time at School in the Woods.

Labradorite in AJ's handmade pine needle basket.

Colorado Mountain Brewery in a roundhouse.
See photo on the wall.
That's Lynn and Fina under the two lights.

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