Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Rockin' the Rails Disc Golf

Vickie and Jamie played disc golf at Palmer Lake this afternoon. The course is also known as "Rockin' the Rails" because the "front nine" go right alongside the railroad (BNSF/UPRR) right-of-way from north of the pedestrian bridge over the tracks on the mountain side of the tracks (holes 1 and 2) to south of the bridge and east of the tracks (holes 3-9). The "back nine" are closer to the lake. Had we been stronger disc throwers there would definitely have been a concern about discs going into the railroad right-of-way. We almost finished the 9th hole before the weather drove us off the course (rain, cold, windy). Here's a big clue for newbies on this course: the 7th basket is back toward the bridge from the 7th tee. We went the other way, quite a ways, to find nothing. The 8th basket is buried in very high, thick bushes. If you happen to be a railfan as well as a disc golf player, you'll love this course. If you're there a couple hours, odds are a train will come through. The three "olders" enjoyed a very nice meal at the Club for dinner.

Weather was a little too nasty for the patio.

Discovered a new favorite gin...

Great meal at the Club.

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