Monday, February 20, 2023

Presidents' Day Weekend

Quite the weekend. And a new housemate for Fina - a leopard gecko from Scales 'n' Tails, all from a "let's get fish" comment a day or so earlier. The saltwater fish place, Reefkoi Corals, was very interesting, too, but a bit out of budget (for now). See below for other happenings this weekend...

We got more snow!

AJ tried the Cinnamon Bread recipe. Quite good!

Nathan spent a few days with us during his visit
back from Poland where he's doing Ukraine aid.

That's what they chose!

The Calistoga Glacier was regenerated somewhat.

And that's not everyone.

The Leopard Gecko is in her new home.

Matt, Fina, and Papa did the refresher...

Presidents' Day!

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