Friday, February 10, 2023

Wrestling, Birthdays, Deer, Oh My!

Lots going on again this week. Four of the boys have wrestling going on. Fina is in rehearsal for Spelling Bee and Improv as well as all manner of other senior activities. Birthday week. Valentine projects at school and at home. And more snow, complete with deer.

Jarrito Loco in Monument - uniquely good!
Jarrito means little pot, and they're everywhere.

All those "clubs" hanging from the ceiling are
for crushing a food item (which I've forgotten).

Matteo printed this desktop trash can for Tracy.

More snow yesterday which brought these 8 deer to town.

Celebrating the twins continues...

Nana made these special desserts
for Family Dinner. The topic was, "Don't
put an obstacle before a blind man."

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