Sunday, July 30, 2023

Cinderella (from Backstage)

I (Jamie) saw a post on Facebook in early July that Village Arts of Colorado Springs was looking for crewmembers for their upcoming production of Cinderella. That sounded like fun, so I responded. And it was fun, and, as it turned out, was a great time to get re-acquainted with fellow theatre people from a few years ago. It was also a kick to get to work at the Ent Center for the Arts (on the UCCS campus where Fina is going to college this Fall). This Rogers and Hammerstein musical version of the story is really great with super messages embedded.

Load In

The Town

Inside the step-family's Cottage/House

The Ent Center for the Arts

Backstage control panel for Ent Center staff

From the wings looking up (mostly).

My world for the show.

Green Room

Actors (3 at left) singing from off stage and Crew (2 at right).

The traveller (a rear curtain) is closed
hiding the palace and a piece of the town (left).

Crew often got "stuck" behind set pieces for a scene.
One crewmember, the Fox, and the Raccoon.

The 3 flats were 15 feet tall.

My view of a flat while "stuck" behind it, looking up.

Happy Ending


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