Thursday, December 20, 2018

Outstanding 3-month Check-up

Tracy took Jonny back to Stanford this past week for a 3-month post-surgery check-up...

Tracy: It's like Christmas came early. Jonathan’s new scans look amazing!!! Dr. Grant was floored by the little boy who walked through his doors today. The little boy who walked! The little boy who talked to him, danced around, told him jokes, explained all his favorite foods, and gave him big big hugs. Dr. Grant said this is a new boy and I told him no not a new boy, you gave us our boy back, this was who he was 2 years ago before Chiari took over. Because his scans look great and he is doing great (minus some residual neck pain) we don’t have to do another MRI for one full year! After the last year and half of bouncing from specialist to specialist, sedation after sedation and finally 3 separate trips to Stanford we are looking forwarded to perhaps a quieter year! God is Good. ALWAYS.

Left: 3 months ago. Right: today.

Most people can readily "read" three of the four quadrants.
Tracy: The bottom-left is images from 4 of his 6 MRIs this year.
The 2 on top are pre-surgery, the 2 on bottom post-surgery (5 days post op and then 3 months).

Testing out his old man skills.

The nurse thought he was cold.

Still didn't want his picture under this sign, though.

On the plane heading out to California.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Springs Ensemble Theatre

I ventured out this evening to the Springs Ensemble Theatre (SET) for the first time. They were doing their holiday show called "Holiday Play Festival," a conglomeration of skits, vignettes, and songs written, performed, and directed by local talent. Very welcoming little theatre (about 50 seats) about 2 miles east of downtown on Cache La Poudre Street (named after a river in Colorado, the French means cache of powder, as in gun powder, stashed along the river bank by trappers caught in a snowstorm in the 1820s). Definitely an adult show (content and language), but I did enjoy it, especially Act 2. There were several memorable sketches in the second act, including: Trying, Hark Y'all: a Gerry Christmas, Slouching Towards MTV, and a Very Merry Pinterest Christmas (involving way to many eggnog martinis).

I'm gonna like any lobby with a train in it!

Christmas Elf

Fina is part of a group at school called Sources of Strength. They're a peer-to-peer support group for kids at school. Today they stationed themselves at the various school entrances and handed out candy canes - Merry Christmas! The (temporary) tattoo on her cheek is the organization's logo.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Seven Falls at Christmas

What if they lit up about .8 miles of canyon leading to Seven Falls?... This is what you get! While Tracy and Jonny were at Stanford for a chiari surgery follow-up, the rest of the Compound dwellers took advantage of a reasonably warm day to hike up to Seven Falls and have dinner at the 1858 Restaurant. Matteo found a skillet trout dish he really liked, which led to talk of trout fishing, of course. A little colder than we'd hoped, but that didn't really slow us down much. More photos are here.

Nana, Fina, Lexi and Matt, Matteo, David, and AJ.

The water was flowing/falling beneath the ice.
This shot only shows a small portion
of the Seven Falls at the bottom.

The 1858 Restaurant is right at the base of the falls.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Chapel Hills Mall Hangout

The Chapel Hills Mall is a favorite hangout of the middle school set. It's the only fully enclosed mall in the area (that we know of). Nana and Papa went Secret Service for Fina and friends - just like last year at this time. Not sure what the younger set may have gotten, but we seniors enjoyed a Peanut Buster Parfait (goes way back) and a Banana Split at the DQ in the food court! Oh, and we (finally) found a replacement for Lynn's "I Am Loved" necklace that Jamie gave her decades ago (early dating period) and was lost when loaned to a friend within that year. About time. And the bear was a Helzberg purchase as well - donation to Make-A-Wish. Note the "I Am Loved" logo on his scarf.

Friday, December 14, 2018

DWAP Cookie Decorating

While Nana and Papa took Matteo to see A Christmas Carol at the ENT Center, Tracy held a cookie decorating class/party at the house for their DWAP (pronounced dee-wap) group, Dessert With A Purpose, an adoption/foster group. And Fina was out caroling in the neighborhood with her school choir. Love that new table with its humongous lazy susan.

Nice lighting...

Caught Tracy's picture wall with good lighting...