Sunday, December 16, 2018

Seven Falls at Christmas

What if they lit up about .8 miles of canyon leading to Seven Falls?... This is what you get! While Tracy and Jonny were at Stanford for a chiari surgery follow-up, the rest of the Compound dwellers took advantage of a reasonably warm day to hike up to Seven Falls and have dinner at the 1858 Restaurant. Matteo found a skillet trout dish he really liked, which led to talk of trout fishing, of course. A little colder than we'd hoped, but that didn't really slow us down much. More photos are here.

Nana, Fina, Lexi and Matt, Matteo, David, and AJ.

The water was flowing/falling beneath the ice.
This shot only shows a small portion
of the Seven Falls at the bottom.

The 1858 Restaurant is right at the base of the falls.

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