Friday, December 21, 2018

The Grands' Christmas Eve

Nana and Papa have had a tradition for some time now... Taking Christmas Eve to spend just the two of them doing their Christmas shopping, or at least the last minute stuff which usually includes Papa's gift to Nana. Like birthday celebrations, it doesn't have to happen exactly on Christmas Eve. This year, it was today. We started at the Promenade Shops at Briargate, but were only there long enough to hit one store and get Nana's "biggy." Then off to Manitou Springs where we spent most of the day. The first great discovery was the Cliff House. A staff member caught us in the hallway of pictures and pointed out a few things, including that the hotel was built over the winter of 1873. We had been by it, and even went in a bit, on our first trip to Manitou last year, but this time it was decorated for Christmas and the restaurant would be open in about 10 minutes. Had a delightful 2-hour lunch with great food, wonderful atmosphere, superb service; it was a treat. The off-season (Nov-Mar) room rates are quite reasonable. Among the stores we actually spent time and money in included: Christmas in Manitou, The Leprechaun Shoppe, and Salus. The Vault was pretty cool, too, but we were spent by then, figuratively and literally. We enjoyed yet another marvelous dinner at Four by Brother Luck on the way home. We're told he's re-opening his original location and calling it the Lucky Dumpling, a menu with an Asian theme. Watch for it in the Spring.

Most of these pics are from the Cliff House.

Lynn said this might have been her favorite dessert ever, a souffle.

A little "snow globe" from Christmas in Manitou.

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