Thursday, December 20, 2018

Outstanding 3-month Check-up

Tracy took Jonny back to Stanford this past week for a 3-month post-surgery check-up...

Tracy: It's like Christmas came early. Jonathan’s new scans look amazing!!! Dr. Grant was floored by the little boy who walked through his doors today. The little boy who walked! The little boy who talked to him, danced around, told him jokes, explained all his favorite foods, and gave him big big hugs. Dr. Grant said this is a new boy and I told him no not a new boy, you gave us our boy back, this was who he was 2 years ago before Chiari took over. Because his scans look great and he is doing great (minus some residual neck pain) we don’t have to do another MRI for one full year! After the last year and half of bouncing from specialist to specialist, sedation after sedation and finally 3 separate trips to Stanford we are looking forwarded to perhaps a quieter year! God is Good. ALWAYS.

Left: 3 months ago. Right: today.

Most people can readily "read" three of the four quadrants.
Tracy: The bottom-left is images from 4 of his 6 MRIs this year.
The 2 on top are pre-surgery, the 2 on bottom post-surgery (5 days post op and then 3 months).

Testing out his old man skills.

The nurse thought he was cold.

Still didn't want his picture under this sign, though.

On the plane heading out to California.

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