Friday, December 28, 2018

Scileppi’s at the Old Stone Church

Nana and Papa found this little gem in "old town" Castle Rock today - Scileppi’s at the Old Stone Church. From the website: "Built in 1888, the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church was the first one built in Castle Rock. In 1966, the parish built a larger church east of town and abandoned the building. It sat dormant until 1975 when it was converted into a restaurant, eventually, the one so many of you have known and loved. And now, in 2018 the torch has been passed to the Scileppis." Drinks were great, food was excellent. Now there's an option to the hospital restaurant.

Entry way.

At left, the confessional is a cozy table for two.

From the organ/choir loft.

From behind the bar. There are about 8 seats with this view at the bar.

A new area called Sliceworks Purgatory was added to one side of the church.
You might guess they specialize in pizza.

The men's room was also added outside the church,
see the church's exterior wall on left.

Photo in the bathroom of the original church.

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