Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day at the Compound

Grand Uncle Craig joined us for the festivities, and laughs, this year. We had to relocate dinner to the old dining room table in the kitchen because the big new table in the dining room was COMPLETELY covered with legos; there were at least 5 projects going on. Definitely the Year of the Legos. Gramma's Rolls (our posted recipes, including all mentioned here) did not rise (at all), and would not bake. The Bubble Bread made up for it, though, by growing to absurdly large bubbles. We sweated if we had enough braised ribs, but it turned out all right. AJ got Cheaters Monopoly, just sayin'. Matt and Papa enjoyed an Old Fashioned using Papa's new spherical ice ball maker. And where were Santa's gift this year?... In the outdoor stairwell by Matt's office. They went undiscovered till well into the afternoon despite the bigs checking about a few times. The bannock and Daou wine, thank you Nipomo, were gone very early (got a head start a couple days before). All the photos are here (including Christmas Eve).

The three littlest boys had dinosaur onesies.

Sandy out-grew here Christmas sweater, so it got cut to fit.

Matt was very excited about his new dollhouse.

Lexi's new doll eats and poops. Fina was a bit grossed out.

Ahhhh, quiet.

The last gift of the day got the best reaction.

A new old-style Nintendo was a huge hit with both generations.

So much so that Tracy dinged her knee.

Matt and Papa finished the day with a gar,
a fire, and watching Youtube videos
about Christmas legends.

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