Sunday, February 7, 2021

Day 332

Super Bowl Sunday! But first, church at TimberCreek. You can see the Compound Dwellers showed up in their Chiefs regalia. They were the only ones. This year's Super Bowl was not nearly as exciting to this crowd as last year's. Lunch from Fuzzy Tacos (their spicy pork burrito bowl is great). Papa took AJ and Matteo snack shopping for the game - oh my! Jamie tried some Torah Time outside before the game, but no go; temp was OK but way too much wind. Fina went to a friend's house for the big game and Matteo joined the TimberCreek Youth for a game party. The rest of us were home under a pile of snacks, ribs and wings Matt made, and guacamole Lynn made. Chiefs lost to the Bucs 31-9. We'll get the shirts out again next year!...

Oh yeah, Valentine's Day is coming up, too.
That's "15" on the little guy's shirt.

Making pom-poms...

Go Chiefs!

Go God!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Day 331

Turns out Fina does get to be involved in the high school play, as an understudy, to all five female roles! And she's excited about it?! Jamie's first set of Torah commentaries (JPS) are now available to him for reference. The fun thing is that he's already familiar with some of the content. Matteo made some egg salad for lunch, yummy; and the gatherers returned with some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory fudge in addition to all the good stuff. Restaurants opened to 50% today, so Lynn and Jamie jetted over to Atmosphere Gastropub. Really love that place, a very interesting, unique menu that changes now and then. Lynn loved her baked brie dish today and I found the carbonara sauce of my dreams. I think the secret is the cheese they use - Cheese Merchant Asiago. Peas are a nice touch, too, on top of the pancetta and garlic. The evening included getting stuff ready for church in the morning, including the pom-poms and a playpen. Today's movies: The Laundromat and The Nice Guys.

That fixed that!

Matteo made egg salad for lunch.

And look what the gatherers brought back.

Atmosphere Gastropub

Atmosphere's baked brie, right up Lynn's alley.

For making the Sunday School "pom-poms"

Church playpen for one of the babes.

Jonnie peeled all the carrots.
And did a meticulous job of it.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Day 330

Cold, but otherwise fairly normal school day. AJ and Papa walked to school every day this week (that was an AJ goal). Tracy and Matt got a new bed frame! Jamie had his horse group today.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Day 329

We got more snow overnight, which made AJ's and my walk to school a little more fun than usual. Other than that, it was a pretty normal school day. The Give! Campaign had its annual Celebration Party today, virtually. They raised $1.6M for 78 local nonprofits, including a number of theatre companies. Jamie's Torah commentaries arrived today - Happy Valentine's Day from Tracy!

Rounding seems to be the lesson du jour.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Day 328

Another beautiful day (in the 50s) but quite windy. Found cardboard blowing around the back yard. Lynn has taken up cooking healthy stuff for her and Matt, shakes, etc., and got the "under-the-bowl" technique for roasting peppers from her Georgia O'Keeffe cookbook. Tracy took one of the foster kids up to the Denver area for a doctor's appointment so Nana and Papa handled the after-school pickups. Papa has moved into a new and very big (and daunting) branch of his Torah studies - learning Biblical Hebrew. The Great Courses program (after one session) looks like it will be very good. Turns out to have been very helpful to learn about the Hebrew alphabet first from the little blue book in the picture, Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks. It's not really read, more like sound out. Jamie and Lynn went to the Club for dinner, yum!

(We did not eat outside.)

Prime Rib with Carrot Puree, Mashed Potatoes, and Cabbage.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Day 327

Groundhog Day! A couple more meetings with support people for the foster babies. Nana had a book club meeting late afternoon, so Papa took David to Horse PT. They just happened to parade by where he was parked, so he got a couple pics of David on a horse. Tonight's movie, though I shouldn't have to say it, Groundhog Day. Fina did not get a part in the play, a very rare happenstance in her nine years of doing theater. There were some emotions to deal with. Made me take a stroll down memory lane on our Theatrics Page. I think my favorite show of hers, out of many favorites, was The Jungle Book; click for pics).

They love the puppies.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Day 326

After most of the kids were deposited at school, those of us remaining went to Buttermilk for lunch. Turned out to be mostly breakfast (although there were options for lunch). We forget how fun and how good that place is, and just down the hill from us. They have a very secret ingredient (or two) they use for pancakes, waffles, etc. - and it's fabulous. Jamie discovered the espresso martini is pretty good, too. As is the bourbon syrup. Jamie stumbled onto an Immenso cigar that's been in the humidor "forever" (probably 15 or more years). Always just seemed too unwieldy, which today Jamie discovered was true. The ring size was at least 70. Matt grilled up some chicken legs (using his new grill stand for chicken legs) which we thoroughly enjoyed along with Rice-a-Roni and a Pear Valley "Inspiration." The evening included Fina waiting with bated breath for a callback from today's audition - she got the callback.

Tracy: Bragging on Fina for a moment - this week we got a foster placement of twins. One has a g-tube and we needed a way to carry all his stuff. Serafina found a tutorial on how to turn this skip hop backpack into a functional feeding backpack by using the leash that comes with it. She added a hook on the top to hang it, a strap inside to hold the bag, and a hole to thread the tube out! Now our little guy can explore his world so much easier!

The pancake is bigger than she is.

Matt's new chicken leg grill rack

Waiting for callbacks. She got called back.