Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Day 328

Another beautiful day (in the 50s) but quite windy. Found cardboard blowing around the back yard. Lynn has taken up cooking healthy stuff for her and Matt, shakes, etc., and got the "under-the-bowl" technique for roasting peppers from her Georgia O'Keeffe cookbook. Tracy took one of the foster kids up to the Denver area for a doctor's appointment so Nana and Papa handled the after-school pickups. Papa has moved into a new and very big (and daunting) branch of his Torah studies - learning Biblical Hebrew. The Great Courses program (after one session) looks like it will be very good. Turns out to have been very helpful to learn about the Hebrew alphabet first from the little blue book in the picture, Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks. It's not really read, more like sound out. Jamie and Lynn went to the Club for dinner, yum!

(We did not eat outside.)

Prime Rib with Carrot Puree, Mashed Potatoes, and Cabbage.

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