Saturday, February 27, 2021

Day 352

Fun Saturday... Tinker Crates are always a hit. Making French baguettes with Nana. Some dog time. Jamie got two+ Torah sessions in, less than 10 hours to go. Prep for Sunday School. Nana and Papa visited the Firehouse BBQ in Black Forest for lunch. The burnt-onion BBQ sauce is great! Dinner from the Club; it's been a while. They got everything perfectly right, including no side-pickle in the kids' meals. From Oscar Medallions to grilled cheese, everyone gets what they really want.

Tinker Crates

Making French baguettes

Jamie's "Torah Tan". Outside doing Torah over winter with
just the tips of my hands exposed to the sun.

Sunday Prep.

Making French baguettes

Firehouse BBQ in Black Forest

NASA put out a press release re. the X-57

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