Thursday, February 18, 2021

Day 343

Woke up to about 1/2 foot of snow. AJ helped Matt and Jamie shovel the driveway; bam, done by 7am! Oh, it's also a school Snow Day! Nana and Papa got Vaccine Shot #1 today! To celebrate, they had lunch at Basil and Barley. Perseverance successfully land on Mars today! Matt cooked us up some very prime beef for dinner.

Snow days usually involve a game or two.
Today it was Settlers of Catan with AJ, David, and Papa.

COVID vaccine!

Basil and Barley

Outdoor dining in Colorado can be tricky.

Tracy: My now sister-in-law Jennifer Foster gifted this set of books to me at my baby shower for Serafina.  Almost 16 years later we are still reading them, now to babies #11 & #12.  Yes, some of the originals are missing, pages torn and bent, but every time I read them to a new baby I can remember reading it to all of them and their tiny baby selves.  And when I say read I mean recite by memory.
#bestbabybooks #sandraboynton #fostering

Perseverance has landed!

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