Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Just Our "Little" Family Christmas

For the first Christmas ever, as in ever ever, as in since Matt and I were married, as in since Matt and I had kids, I mean since we moved into the Compound, in case you don't understand, for the the first time ever it was just our "Little" Compound family for Christmas.

No out of town guests, no in town guests.

Just the eleven of us.

No schedule, no meals that had to be just right, nothing but us.

It was great.

Don't get me wrong, I love all our extended family, but there was something great and simple about today.

Normally, we grown-ups are a little preoccupied with traditional breakfast, and/or dinner for a group of people.  We are visiting with relatives and friends we might only see on Christmas so little things get overlooked.

But for today we asked the kids what was important to them: Bubble Bread. That was the one tradition that mattered. So we whipped up some Bubble Bread and called it a day.

We opened stockings, and presents and instead of worrying about the next meal or dishes, or what everyone else was doing, we played with the kids. We read books together, drew pictures, built model airplanes, and raced cars.

We watched Christmas movies and planned family getaways. The babies played and napped as they needed. And AJ had a great day, barely a fit.

I know the kids fell into bed tonight exhausted and happy. It has been a wild, crazy year around these parts but oh how blessed I feel to have my "little" family and to have had our quiet little Christmas this year!!

Merry Christmas to All!!

P.S. The rest of the photos:

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