Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nana's Christmas Reflections

Christmas at the Compound - a warm fuzzy day for all. In the middle of the night I was awoken to Serafina singing at the top of her lungs “Born is the king, rejoice in the day…” only then did I realize that it was 7:30 Christmas morning. Oh my goodness, I cannot remember ever sleeping in until 7:30 on a Christmas morning! I ran upstairs to get the bubble bread in the oven only to be greeted with the yummy aroma of bubble bread baking in the oven. Tracy was hard at work in the kitchen preparing the potatoes and veggies we would enjoy in our breakfast burritos later in the morning. I could hear Matt in the bedroom trying to keep the six excited Christmas urchins at bay until all were ready for the grand entrance to the “Christmas Room.” Ahh….my Christmas blessing – the changing of the guard – Matt and Tracy have lovingly taken over the major chores and responsibilities of the Compound.

We got Robob tucked snug in a chair, then me and my coffee and pa with his camera we waited for the children’s entrance down the stairs...

From there the day was a relaxed blur of squeals of delight, juggling, games, books, laughter, and yes, even a nap! Favorite memories – Matteo’s delight when he finally “saw” the giant bear Santa brought him (a special request). The bear has been named “Giant” and is now being dragged everywhere Matteo goes. Sam’s delight in his Bronco hat and pillowpet. Serafina wearing her lensless spectacles (yes, they are still on today). AJ quietly playing with a tiny car wrapped in his own world while a tornado of activity surrounds him. AND the twins – one can’t even begin to explain the overflowing joy, love, and amazement one feels while watching those two toddle around actively exploring their world – our little miracles.

Christmas 2013, a year of enjoying the moment with the folks you are with, quiet – “secret Santa” gifts that no one will ever know who the benefactor was, and enjoying the joy life brings to us all!

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