Saturday, January 17, 2015

AJ: What?! Tata Rara is moving?!

Yes, AJ, that's right.

It's Saturday morning almost 8am. And, instead of the hustle and bustle of rounding everyone up for our traditional Saturday McLintocks breakfast with Robob, I'm sitting here writing this post.

You see, Papa Robob, Founder of the Compound, has moved to a senior center very near Lynn's sister's home. He and the moving van left yesterday.

It's the end of an era.

Hard to believe it was that long ago (2007) when Robob,  Lynn, and Tracy thought they'd give house hunting one more shot. Following a couple major medical issues, Robob (and the girls) had been looking for some kind of property where we could all bunk up together, but to no avail. That Sunday was to be the last ditch effort at hunting down a suitable place (and we'd switch to remodeling efforts at our place in Nipomo). Et voila! Here we are, nearly eight years later and 7.5 more great grandkids for Robob (there were but two great grandkids, Sam and Serafina, when we all moved here in 2007).

It's been a heckuva ride! And for that we all will be eternally grateful. Actually, the ride's not over. The Compound remains intact, albeit one man down. It'll just take a little more effort to get us all together again from time to time. Note the silhouette logo (upper right): Robob is now depicted as a photo on the wall, and a cradle has been added in anticipation of the Spring baby.

For Robob and his new nearby family, we wish all a great run at the next phase of their lives.

To recap our fun over the years, here's a glimpse at Robob's shenanigans since he opened the Compound in 2007:

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