Saturday, January 10, 2015

Breakfast at McLintock's

The kitchen remodel kicked off this tradition. And ever since, Papa Robob has led the charge every Saturday morning to McLintock's in the Village for breakfast. Mainly for the Bloody Marias, but they also have the best eggs and bacon around. Cups of whipped cream for the kids is a crowd pleaser, too! Sometimes there's a couple people tag along, sometimes it's the entire Compound like this morning, and on rarer occasions we'll have others join us as well. A sub-tradition for this breakfast trip is the Rooster Hunt. Papa Jamie will take whatever bigs want to go on a rooster hunt between the time we order and the time the food arrives. That's just about enough time to make a round-trip to the creek side of the Arroyo Grande Village where the roosters hang out. The roosters have their own website! Today it was just Papa Jamie and AJ on the Rooster Hunt.

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