Sunday, July 9, 2017

Child #5, The Musical

Closing weekend of Oliver! at SLORep and Fina got a notion to write a musical. Where there's a Child #5 in the cast (Fina's role for Oliver!). But that's the lead in this new show! Below are some cell phone snaps of vocal warmups for the last Oliver! show and then some rehearsal shots in the green room for Child #5, The Musical.  Great fun, and it kinda kept Fina distracted from the "last show blues," at least for a while - going out the door when all was said and done was a little tearful.

Christian was in the lead at this point.

Child #5, The Musical

This shot also caught our Stage Manager, Sammie, on the right and
SLORep's latest "find," Asst. Stage Manager, Neil (the blur).

The inevitable ramblings of a cast.

Fina made this pillow to leave in the green room.
(The smiley face was already there.)

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  1. Great show and memories! Glad to see Christian leading the pack (he was my favorite drunk in the show). Looking forward to Serafina's show "Child #5 the Musical"