Sunday, July 30, 2017

More Transition

The past week has been very different. Most of the Compound traveled to Colorado behind the moving trucks and has already spent several days exploring, unloading and unpacking, putting together Ikea furniture, etc. Here's what some of it looked like...

A new neighbor dropped by...

Garden of the Gods (more below).

There's a park a couple 100 steps from the house.

Old deck table and chairs on new deck. Pikes Peak is out that way.

Temporary office set up.

Sandy took the 3-day drive and unloading in stride.

Taking a break at the new clubhouse.

Duplos - worth their weight.

Might be a favorite picture.

Yeah, there's a frozen yogurt store nearby.


Garden of the Gods.

All she needs is a tool belt. Arr arr arr.

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