Thursday, July 13, 2017

Six Test Kitchen

Six = number of seats, period
Test = experiment, play, push the envelope
Kitchen = where food is prepared and sometimes eaten

It's the Test in the middle that makes this place so amazing. None of us had ever experienced food put together like this before, surgically, with tweezers and all manner of delicate instruments. And the most delicious combinations of flavors and textures. Works of art. And entertaining!

If you're a foodie, think you're a foodie, want to know what it's like to be a foodie, or any combination thereof, you've got to try this place out. We're told summer is his slowest period, so jump in right away. Fall through spring your reservation could be several weeks or months out. Worth every penny and then some. And right here in Arroyo Grande.

Six Test Kitchen, from the website: "Our goal is an educational one, offering a singular and unique dining experience. By garnering relationships with local artisans, farmers and fisherman, we tell a story of the seasons through the ingredients available to us on the Central Coast of California." Ricky Odbert, Chef and Owner.

Go with some good friends. And plan to take everyone home or to a coffee shop right afterwards to chat about "what just happened" and re-live it a bit! When it's over, you're not ready for it to be over. |

All the pics are here.

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