Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Day 3 of Trombone lessons

Guess what Matteo is taking up? Trombone! Now there's something to wake up to in the morning. Day 3 and so far so very good. It's part of the band/music program at DCC Middle School (where he'll be in 6th grade this Fall). He hops in the car at pick up already talking about what they did that day. Today they learned four note positions (he rattled them off but I didn't catch it). He said he can't wait to play the national anthem with the band at a game. He also said trombone is like a pump action shotgun that shoots music. OMG. We'll catch up with the other kids soon (twins are at swim lessons, Lexi just did her ballet performance, Fina's doing intensive dance classes all summer, AJ's kicking off summer with an outdoor camp, and Sam's doing some studying up).

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