Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mount Herman Trail

There's a Mount Herman Trail here in Colorado Springs area. It's also known as Monument Preserve Bike Loop. And there's a Mount Hermon in California that's a very popular church camp and conference center. Who knew?! Today, five of us set out for the trail just north of the west end of Baptist Road (Monument, CO area): Nana, Aunt Vickie, Fina, AJ, and me. We didn't cover anywhere near all of it (the area is riddled with unmarked trails), but some of us did make it to the rock formation. Below are Vickie's pics. Jamie's pics are here. Oh, we were told by another hiker that there was a bear spotted in the area this morning. While I kinda wanted to see it, we never did.

Seen only in the photo. AJ is convinced it's an angel.
Some odd light reflection thing, no doubt.

(One of my pics so we get Vickie on here.)

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