Saturday, June 15, 2019

Off to Alamosa, CO

Matteo, Aunt Vickie, Nana, and Papa headed off today for Alamosa, CO which will be our San Luis Valley base for a couple days while we:

(Alamosa, CO was the base for the greater part of the Colorado Fall Color Speeder Excursion Jamie took in the Fall of 2017.)

Here are various photos over this weekend from various cell phones...

We told Tracy and Matt that Matteo was picking
out a shark tattoo in Alamosa...

Nonprofit coffee house in Alamosa. Great cinnamon rolls.
Worked by volunteers. Milagros Coffee House

The Rubi Slipper in Alamosa. Great burger menu.
You've got to try the Tower of Power.

The end of the line for the Geology Train was Chama, NM.

The ROAST - Craft Coffee & Libations. Had breakfast there twice!
Right next to (part of?) San Luis Valley Brewing Co. (Zach recommended).

Matteo got some honey from the mercantile at The Roast.

The Great Sand Dunes was flooded because of heavy snow melt. Unreal.
Vickie and Lynn went here while Matteo and Jamie did the Geology Train.

Aboard the Royal Gorge Route Railroad.

That's a bridge over the Royal Gorge.

The one kissing the goat looks the most normal!?

At Colorado Gators. That's Gus being held.

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