Sunday, October 13, 2019


Cannes, France was our next port of call. We chose to do this day on our own with Bob and Sandy (and not join one of the organized excursions). The first thing we stumbled on was a huge Farmers Market right in the middle of the old town down by the water. And just a block or so off that path was a quaint little cafe where we had some wine and a charcuterie board for lunch. It was Jamie's first shot at conversing in French, and we didn't starve.

We decided to climb the mountain (hill) to visit the fortified tower where the Chapel of St Anne houses the Musée de la Castre. We didn't go in the museum, but did enjoy strolling around the grounds and visiting the old church up there.

And then back to the ship in time for... That's right: high tea, happy hour, and dinner!

All the day's photos are here.

Farmers Market

The proprietor of our cafe fixed the omelets right behind us.

High Tea on the ship.

Dinner on the ship.

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