Sunday, October 20, 2019


Up next: Kotor, Montenegro.

To say that there were hairpin turns on our way to Lastva would be a gross understatement. It was a miracle that the bus driver got us up and down the hill without incident.

There's an upper Lastva and a lower Lastva. We went to upper Lastva where the population now stands at 2. Our guide has a house in both Lastvas, and did he ever show us a good time. We visited Upper Lastva's church and their olive oil facility. Then it was party time. We went into a hall of sorts where a snack was served (lunch, really) and a group of three musicians played for us the entire time. And what a hoot! They played lots of their local stuff, but also threw in a John Denver song now and then. Dancing broke out. This was by far the most fun and "local" thing we did on the entire trip.

Then back to Kotor proper where we saw highlights of the city and visited St. Triphon's cathedral.

Dinner was with the whole gang (except for those who were up on the wall, 12th century, of course, and didn't make it back down in time) at a very cool place on the water called Galion.

All the day's photos are here.

Kotor from our anchored position.

Church in Upper Lastva

Olive oil press

Back in Kotor...

Best carbonara of the trip at Galion.

The night lights highlight "the wall" protecting the city.

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