Friday, October 18, 2019


It was a tendering day, meaning we were anchored off shore and used the lifeboats as tenders.

First stop was a small village on the slopes on Mount Etna (an active volcano) called Lingua Grossa. The Lingua Grossa Trattoria was a delightful little stop there offering pistachio gelato. We also visited a church across the plaza, the Church of Saint Giles.

Then on to the main attraction, Gambino Winery. Never before have we been greeted at the gates of a winery with a glass of wine! Then a full-on tour of the facilities. We tasted four different wines along with enough food to make a lunch. I really liked the wines made from the grapes on slopes of Mt. Etna, Feu d'O and Petto Dragone. Great view from up there, too. We sent some wine home...

It was mussels night on the boat.

All the day's photos are here.

Mt. Etna was belching the day we were there!

Tendering to shore

Church in Lingua Glossa

Welcome to Gambino Winery!

That's our boat.

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