Sunday, August 15, 2021


It was a back-to-school promise: yes, we can get another mini-golf session in before school starts. Surprisingly, this would be only our second mini-golf outing all summer. I really thought we'd be doing one every other week, at least. I guess to make up for the infrequency, we stumbled (literally) onto a course we had not been to before (in the process of trying to get to one we had been to before!). Gold Mine Mini Golf. What a hoot! We did courses 1 and 3. Suited this rock guy just fine! The boys thought it was the best ever, and the best hole ever was the one with a conveyor belt for your ball.

A sunflower next door!

We got 3 of these recently. Yum yum!

Lynn is underway with her labyrinth quilt.

A Liberty Puzzle of the
Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre's
2021 Season

Camarones Aguachiles at Vaqueros.
New. Very good! Spicy!

Best hole ever. See the conveyor belt on the right
hauling your ball (the blue dot) up and drop it into a trough
that leads right to the cup. Awesome!

Tracy finished the Liberty Puzzle
(very uniquely shaped pieces in wood).

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