Thursday, August 12, 2021

Till South and Other Milestones

Nana and Papa visited Till South for the first time. You may recall just plain Till was a favorite of ours up north here until it got revamped into something else. Sad. But, it turns out the same folks did open, as promised, a more Till-like restaurant downtown called Till South. Very much in keeping with the old Till's unique and very tasty offerings. Lexi still waters the outdoor potted plants. She and David have been attending Eagle Lake Camp at the Club; with big grins and just enough "cash" in their account to get a snack or two. And lastly, our littlest foster child has hung up his helmet, its job is done.

Scotch Egg (how'd they do that?)

Akaushi Short Ribs

The Eagle Lake Campers came by...

The helmet's job is done.

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