Saturday, January 21, 2023

A Birthday Week

Tracy's birthday was this week. I think there were more kids (and adults) at home sick than were at school this week. With everyone sick, it was something of a sparse celebration, but Nana managed to make German Pancakes for a birthday breakfast, a real Tracy favorite. She found a new recipe that's easier and works even better than the previous one. Do remember to use powdered sugar on top, not flour! The Great Shift of 2023 continues with Lexi and Jonny moving into their new room (Matt's ex-office). Lexi's basketball schedule has resumed. The snow continues and the Chiefs won their first playoff game. Family dinner was this Saturday evening and the topic was paganism.

By the way... I keep feeling bad about not updating my Christmas movie list (last posted in 2016), so to assuage my guilt a bit, there's a Christmas movie list of over 1,000 titles on IMDB.

Fina made cupcakes for Family Dinner.
Tracy's favorite flavor!

We've not tried this one before from
Hunt Cellars. Quite good!

Not at all sure what's going on here.

Lexi and Jonny's new room.

Lexi's basketball at the YMCA.

More snow...

Chiefs won!

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