Friday, January 6, 2023

First Few Days of 2023

Tracy got 2 or 3 puzzles done over the break. The whiteboard kept everyone posted on what each day brought, including "Go Thunder!" on the first day back to school. While at the Club for Lexi's Taekwondo class, Jonnie and Lexi discovered that the Grill has finally brought back pretzels, big and tasty ones. Remember, Lexi got a belt promotion right before Christmas (see Dec. 16)! AJ started dance classes at the Colorado Ballet Society. His first class was Broadway Dance. And yes, the new muscles the class discovered hit him about 24 hours later. And tomorrow he starts Men's Ballet. Our Family Dinner topic this Friday night was "What does 'take God's name in vain' mean?" and the menu included a baked potato bar, French baguettes and butter, and apple crumble with ice cream for dessert. The adults' favorite TV show these days is "House." And as of today, I'd say >80% of Christmas decorations are put away.

Fina helping AJ with his "new" muscles.

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