Tuesday, January 3, 2023

First Days of 2023

Lots going on during our last days of Christmas break... And Lexi and Jonnie got to try the new pretzels at the Club tonight while waiting for Lexi's Taekwondo class.

Sandy being a cat on the top of the couch.

We got another 2"-4" of snow.
And AJ and Griffen shoveled the entire driveway.

Jonnie and Nana made Hoth Chocolate Creme Puffs
from a Star Wars-themed cookbook.

Nothing like Torah study in 20-some degrees.

Tracy's gotten back into puzzles,
and we've all gotten back into House.

Fina made banana muffins.

Papa visited two depots in Castle Rock: more here.

St. Nick posting at the 1875 depot above, D&RG.

AT&SF Depot circa 1911.

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