Sunday, January 24, 2021

Day 318

It was primarily a church (TimberCreek) and football day! With lunch from Vaqueros in between. Love the Chipotle Chicken. Go Chiefs! Heavy fog overnight and all day. That plus freezing temperatures makes for naturally flocked trees. The day was practically over when Tracy discovered that Target had Peanut Butter Chex in stock. Not quite sure how everyone got a hankering for this scrumptious little treat, but next thing you know Tracy is back from Target with all eleven boxes they had. Dinner! And two tasty treats were made from Peanut Butter Chex, one with powdered sugar and butter, and one with chocolate and marshmallow goo. Yum! There may have been other ingredients. Tonight's movie, The Next Three Days (2010), not unlike Anything for Her (2008, originally Pour Elle).

At church (in the gym)

The dogs wore their Chiefs gear

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