Sunday, January 31, 2021

Day 325

Sunday morning at TimberCreek Church! Tracy and her helpers get there at about 7:30am. Security folks (Jamie) at 8:30am, and Matt and Kids for the 11am service. Tracy got a great deal on blue square footage and made a Nursery area for the foster kids next to the PreSchool area. She also set up a mobile feeding station for mobile "direct line" feedings. Today marked the 2nd Anniversary for TimberCreek - and you thought the fly-by was coincidental. Lunch from Vaqueros, of course. Tracy also got stuff for home to create a gross-motor play area for the foster kids. Lexi liked it, too. Today's movies: Analyze That, and Finding Ohana.

New square footage.

Direct line feeding station

2nd Anniversary Sunday for TimberCreek!

They did a fly-by for our anniversary!

New gross-motor play area.

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