Monday, January 11, 2021

Day 305

First full in-school day for everyone (except online Fina, by choice). Lunch at Fuji Mt, love those drunken noodles. All the kids went to the dentist in one fell swoop this afternoon. The littles got cute 2-minute sand timers with Mr. Tooth on both ends. David took on Papa in a game of chess before dinner; he's doing amazingly well (Papa found the game non-trivial), but he lost today's game - keep trying! AJ went over to play in the snow with Livia and a third friend who had built an igloo - small - but still an igloo. Leftover Parry's Pizza for the Reguscis while Lynn made a little salad for Jamie and herself. Fosters started watching a series called Lupin; the jury's still out.

Christmas is fading...

Choices for conservatives are dwindling.
These guys are now off the list (and there are more not shown).

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