Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Day 264

Day 2 of e-learning (this time around). Papa cooked spaghetti for dinner. We found a 2013 pinot noir in the cellar from Chene (Edna Valley, CA). Nana and Papa went there in 2017 and had a delightful time in the proprietor's home (they weren't fully set up yet). They're very well set up now, and you can stay the night in the 3500sf house! Can be an event venue as well. Here are pics from that day's wine tasting travels (Chene starts at pic #20). The pinot turned out to be quite good, despite pinot not being a family fave. In addition to schooling, Tracy and Lynn were shopping, prepping, and organizing the Christmas Packets going out to all TimberCreek Kids (pics on that tomorrow). And check out Jamie's little 30-second video that hit the Give! Campaign today.

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