Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Day 272

Hump day. And a birthday! And lots of e-learning continues. At least we hope they're learning something. Just saw news that some area school districts were considering the continuation of e-learning into January. The lack of wisdom and courage in our leaders is astonishing. Nana and Papa had a great "outdoor" lunch at P.F. Chang's in a tent they put up in the parking lot. Toasty warm. Loved the Korean Bulgogi Lettuce Wrap. Matt's out at Beaver Creek Lodge for a book-finishing retreat; says it's an amazing place. Lynn and Jamie are planning a stay out there next week...

View at Matteo's school-van stop at 7:15am.

Santa's workshop

P.F. Chang's

On the parking lot.

Two "smoked" drinks at P.F. Chang's.

Happy Birthday! from P.F. Chang's, card and all.

And from a real store.

AJ made the top for Jonny.
Still needs the stick trimmed.

Tada! Fina's handiwork, a pillow case.

Matteo and Papa were in line 50 minutes. Not bad.

AJ made cherry dump cake.

Nana made beef stroganoff from scratch.

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